(Video) Leg Day Lunges & Squats – Workout Routine for Truckers

We’ve all seen it before.  The person with a huge, muscular upper body but small scrawny chicken legs.  Yeah, that person focused on the bulging biceps a bit too much and forgot all about those very important legs.  Well, friends don’t let friends skip leg day and we consider all of you our friends.  Today we have a leg day workout routine for truckers that will demonstrate leg lunge exercises which can be done with little space and equipment needed.

In the video below, I will show you how to do lunges and squats with dumbbells.  Both of these leg exercises will help strengthen the legs and improve the rear end.  As a truck driver, you know how important those legs can be when it comes to lifting things with proper form and even maneuvering in/around the truck.  Watch the video below to learn how to do these leg exercises and build a workout routine.

Leg Day Workout Routine – How To Do Lunges & Squats

What Exercise Equipment Is Needed?
Both of the exercises in this video require only a set of inexpensive dumbbells.  You can pick up a pair of them here for right around $15-$20. Dumbbells are perfect for truck drivers because they don’t take up much room in the truck and can be used for a variety of exercises. In the video, I’m using the vinyl dumbbells. I highly recommend the vinyl version because of the durability and soft feel.

Dumbbells for Truck Drivers

#HTWorkout Quick Tip
Keep in mind both of these exercises are in fact LEG exercises, not BACK exercises.  Focus on keeping the back on a straight plane throughout – especially during squats.  This will avoid unnecessary strain on the back that could result in injury.

 Leg Exercises for Truck Drivers

How To Do Lunges

1. With hands hanging down by side, hold 1 dumbbell in each hand

2. Still holding dumbbells down by side, step forward with 1 leg and lower knee of opposite leg to ground

3. Push off the heel of the forward leg to return to starting position

Repeat 10 times on each side for 3-4 sets to see the most benefit.  I recommend picking a light starting weight until comfortable with the movements in the exercise.  Sometimes balance can get tricky (as you’ll notice in my first step) and staying upright is always a good thing!

How To Do Dumbbell Squats

1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider, dumbells in hand and arms hanging to side or in front.

2. Still holding dumbbells, while keeping back on a straight plan, bend at knees to slowly lower down into a squatting position.

3. Straighten knees and return to the starting position by moving upward.

Repeat 10 -12 times while keeping back level and lowering into a comfortable squat position.  It may take some time to be comfortable going lower while squatting, but going deeper with good form will produce best results. 

Make Leg Day Fun!  These two exercises are a great start for a leg day workout routine for truckers.    Also, check out these other exercise routines:

Let’s Hear From YOU

What Leg Exercises Are Your Favorite?

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