Who is Zola and How Can She Help Truck Drivers?

Zola GorgonI’ve never driven an 18-wheeler before, but I do know a fair amount about life on the road. My husband does too. Let’s begin with him. He used to travel about 225 days a year. He’s a professional speaker and author, so every day he had to be in a different city to give a day-long speech. He’d travel to his next destination at night, but instead of driving he would fly. He was gone from Sunday or Monday until Thursday or Friday, just about every week.

My husband would call me to complain that right about the time he’d arrive in town, the last restaurant had just closed. There was nothing good to eat except for the late night pizza joint. Hot dogs from a vending machine aren’t much of a meal, and the gas station down the road was loaded with garbage food, so he didn’t really want to go there either. But my husband is a tall man, and a tall man has to eat. Over the years of travel, he slowly gained weight even though he exercised regularly.

Sound familiar?

I used to travel about 160 days a year myself. I’m a CEO, but I didn’t have the glamorous job. I was the one that drove 19 hours straight once when flights were all grounded. I was the one packing and unpacking constantly, carrying luggage all over the planet. My back finally gave out and I had to have surgery after all that.

I ate and ate because when we were with clients, they wanted to go out to dinner. I’d gain about 7 pounds in two weeks from the constant meals. I dieted consistently but kept getting fatter and fatter. The less I ate, the fatter I got. It was a vicious cycle, and I kept taking the family money to buy the next diet, and the next, and the next. Nothing worked. Even if I’d lose a few pounds, they always came back and brought more fat with them.

Does any of that ring true for you?

When you’re on the go, you need to find a way to eat healthy that works for you. The thing is, what I think is healthy now isn’t what I thought was healthy before.

Eventually, I got so fed up with the diet industry that I broke out and designed my own diet — Plan Z Diet by Zola. You can check out our website to learn more at www.planzdiet.com. I’m not here to sell a diet though – I’m here to give you some ideas for eating healthy on the road.

At Plan Z, we have helped truckers lose weight and we have taught them how to keep it off. We have done the same things for airplane pilots, flight attendants, and even farmers who are in their tractors up to 20 hours a day during harvest season. It can be done.

I’ve been asked to come up with a few recipes for truck drivers that might work for you on the road. Well, I’ve got plenty!

Another thing you don’t know about me — I’ve been a food writer for over 15 years. I am constantly designing new recipes with everything from comfort food to gourmet. Most of the recipes I design for Plan Z are easy to make. People get dinner on the table in 15-20 minutes, and the kids love many of the recipes, too!

In your case, you’ll have to be organized and work with simple tools in order to eat well on the road. I’ve heard nightmare stories from my trucking dieter friends of the food at the big truck stop buffets. One guy told me he wouldn’t even eat an apple or an orange from the gas outlet he stopped out. He said the fruit looked like it had been sitting there for about a month.

So. What can you eat? If you have a cooler, you can manage to take good food with you. If you or someone you live with can do some cooking when you have your days off and are back at home, that will be a bonus.

I know one guy who bought a slow cooker that plugs into the cigarette lighter. He’d take one of my crockpot recipes and put the ingredients in before he started his driving for the day. He’d smell it cooking all day long, and when he sat down to eat he had a tasty meal that practically made itself.

Another man told me how he’d get to the end of his route and while the truck was being unloaded, he’d flip his hood and put canned green beans up against the motor! They got so hot he had to put gloves on in order to open the can. You folks get mighty creative. That’s awesome.

ANOTHER guy I talked to shared with me that while he was on Plan Z, he’d take whatever food he was traveling with in his cooler and put it on a plate. Then he’d take that into the truck stop and put it in the microwave. He always bought a drink while in there and said he never had anyone tell him he couldn’t borrow the microwave for a minute or two to heat his meal.

To kick off, here’s one of my favorite recipes, easy for truck drivers to take on the road!

Stay tuned for some more of my truck driver recipes coming up in the next few days! I think you all will really enjoy them. I’m looking forward to sharing my tips for eating healthy on the road with you all here at The Healthy Trucker!



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About Zola

Zola has spent 30 years as a business leader and CEO. She has mentored hundreds of employees and challenged them to achieve their goals while simultaneously building successful businesses. After struggling with conventional diets for over 40 years, in 2010, Zola designed Plan Z Diet, which has already helped thousands of dieters in 39 states and 10 countries. She is offering Plan Z as a solution to the obesity epidemic because she truly feels that the world deserves a better diet. Zola enjoys helping people maximize their entertaining abilities and makes them laugh with stories of her adventures in the kitchen and beyond. She writes a syndicated newsletter through ArcaMax which has a readership of over 800,000 worldwide. She also designs new recipes for Plan Z the diet by Zola just about every day. You can Connect with Zola on Google+ here