Overcoming a Weight Loss Plateau – Tammy’s Week 3 Check-In

Well, I felt like I did pretty well last week, but when I got on the scale, it hadn’t budged.  I know, I know…the scale lies 🙂

I know not to totally rely on the scale because sometimes there will be a small weight loss plateau and that I could be holding water or something. I know that I am building some muscle from working out. I also know that my clothes are looser on me, which I should put more stock in than the reading I see on the scale. But it’s still discouraging to try really hard and see no change. But I will keep on, because the bottom line is, if I give up, I will definitely see no change. Or rather, I’ll see a change for the worse. I’ve come too far now to let the lying scale get me down.

My next challenge is home time (vacation) with family. It’s the hardest time for me — I still love to eat!!

StrawberriesI want to show you these beautiful strawberries we often have the opportunity to get in California. They are the biggest and sweetest strawberries I’ve ever had!

Planters Pumpkin Spice AlmondsWe also saw these pumpkin flavored almonds at Walmart. They have sugar in them, but the calorie count is the same as the regular ones. I don’t know why. I decided to try them, and they’re real good!

Breakfast at Black Bear DinerThis last picture is my healthy breakfast-for-dinner at the Black Bear Diner in California (a favorite!). Egg whites scrambled with chicken breast and topped with avocado, fresh fruit, dry whole wheat toast, and oatmeal. It was a little higher in calories than I’d like, but very good for you. YUM!

That’s all for this week. Thanks for following along with me on my weight loss journey!

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Hi! My name is Tammy, and I'm an over the road truck driver. My husband and I started team driving in January of 2006. We took a year off from July 2011 to July 2012, and have only recently gotten back into driving. I've battled with my weight my entire life. When I got back into driving, I gained some weight because I didn't make good food choices or set aside the time to exercise. But I've decided to change my ways, and this is my journey to becoming healthier through diet and exercise. I hope you'll join me for the ride!