Are Diets the Best Bet? Talking Trucker Weight Loss

In the 5th episode of the Mile Markers Show, Mike and Derek discuss weight loss ideas for truck drivers.  With a focus on the benefits losing weight and diet programs available to truck drivers, Mike and Derek are joined by creator of the Plan Z Diet, Zola Gorgon to shed some light on the dangers of the diet industry.  

Weight Loss ScaleIn this episode, Mike and Derek talk about the top reasons why someone, not just a truck driver, would want to lose weight in the first place.  It turns out a lot of the reasons people want to lose weight are vanity reasons, but there are plenty of health benefits to consider as well - especially for truck drivers. When you start talking about things like sleep apnea and diabetes, you can see why weight loss for truck drivers is an important topic.

After listening to this episode, you’ll have a better understanding on why you might want to lose weight as a truck driver, how diets and exercise can help you lose it, and the health benefits you'll after the weight is gone!

Be sure to check out Zola's blog to get some great recipes and tips for eating on the road. We've also got some great exercises for truck drivers that can be done anywhere without any expensive equipment or a gym membership. 

* Scale photo from Alan Cleaver

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