Video: Benefits of Walking Exercise for Truckers

How can walking exercises benefit truck drivers? 

Watch Now: 4 Benefits of Walking Exercise for Truck Drivers

Quick Video Recap
Are you a truck driver struggling to get in exercise?  Start with walking!  Anytime a truck driver steps outside of the truck, there’s potential to get in some walking.  This may mean parking further away, getting in laps while fueling up – the opportunities are there.  Walking as an exercise for truck drivers has some very real benefits that can break up a day behind the wheel. 
4 benefits to walking exercise for truckers:

  1. Improves oxygen flow
  2. Better circulation
  3. Stretches muscles
  4. Sharpens mental acuity

TIP: 32-35 laps around the truck is a mile (depending on how tight/wide the lap)

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