Video: Trunk Twist Ab Exercise for Truckers

Are you finding it difficult to work out those abs on the road?

Hope isn’t lost. This trunk twist ab exercise for truckers is simple, but packs a punch. Learn how to do it:

Quick Video Recap

Trunk twists, also sometimes called Russian Twists, are a good ab exercise for truckers that look easier than they really are. In this video, Derek adds some extra resistance using a small medicine ball, but added weight is not necessary. In fact, we recommend beginning without any at all.

How to do the Trunk Twist Ab Exercise for Truckers

Sit on a yoga mat with your knees bent and ankles on the floor. Hold your hands (either with or without a medicine ball) in front of you at chest level and rotate your shoulders from side to side, working your core. We recommend doing about 20-25 reps and 3-4 sets. Want some added difficulty? Add weight, or lift your feet off the floor. The required balance will make this ab exercise even harder!

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