Video: Exercises for Truck Drivers Using the Trans4mer

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an exercise tool for truckers that had everything you could possible need to workout on the road?

Good news — something like that DOES exist! Watch us demonstrate and show you a couple exercises for truckers to do with the Trans4mer:

Quick Video Recap
The Trans4mer is several workout tools in one — a kettlebell, a dumbbell, and a medicine ball. It comes with plates of various weights that drivers can substitute in and out of the ball depending on the resistance desired. As you might imagine, with such a versatile tool comes a whole bunch of possible exercises for truckers!

Trans4mer Exercises for Truck Drivers

  • Standing Trunk Twists:  Warm up the core by twisting at the waist using a light weight and a fluid motion.
  • Arm Circles:  Again using a light weight, make circles over your head with your arms to get the circulation going.
  • Lunge Twists:  As you lunge forward on one leg, twist the Trans4mer to the side of the forward leg.
  • Money Maker:  Watch the video to learn how to do this compound exercise that will work out several muscle groups at once.
  • Deadlifts:  Hold the Trans4mer in front of your body and squat down, keeping your arms relaxed.
  • Bent Over Rows:  Do these the same way you would do them with dumbbells —  holding onto the handle with one arm and focusing on the back muscles.
  • Kettle Bell Swing/Press:  This combination movement is a great full body exercise.
  • Kettle Bell 2 Swings:  This is your basic kettle bell swing, but you’re holding the Trans4mer with 2 handles instead of one.
  • Russian Twists:  A variation on a typical crunch, this one is done to focus on obliques by twisting at the midsection.
  • Oblique Shrugs:  This isolation exercise works the ab muscles on the side of your core. Simply hold the weight with one arm and contract your side, dipping the weight down towards your feet.

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