Video: Sugary Beverages – How Much is in Your Drink?

We know that soda is unhealthy, but do you know how much added sugar is actually in your favorite drink?

Watch the video to find out what’s actually in all those sugary beverages we consume.

Quick Video Recap
One key to healthy living is avoiding added sugar. But did you know there was this much in those sugary beverages we love so much? In the video, we demonstrate how much sugar is in common truck stop beverages, from coffee, to iced tea, to Mountain Dew. Reduce your intake of sugary beverages and switch to water for an easy way to shave calories off your daily consumption.

3 Facts About Sugary Beverages:

  1. The average American consumes 150 pounds of refined sugar every year.
  2. One 12 ounce can of Coke contains 7.8 teaspoons of sugar — more than the suggested 6 teaspoons a day for women, and almost as much as a man should have in one day — 9 teaspoons.
  3. 1/4 of Americans consume at least 200 calories a day for sugary drinks.

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