Video: 1 Quick Exercise to Help Truck Driver Leg Pain

No one wants to deal with leg pain – especially truck drivers!  So, what can you do to stop it?

WATCH NOW:  Jerry shares his secret to preventing truck driver leg pain

Quick Video Recap
Sitting behind the wheel for hours each day can lead to severe truck driver leg pain.  And dealing with pain in every step just isn’t fun at all!  In the video above, PAM Transport trucker Jerry shares an exercise he learned from a physical therapist that has helped him greatly in preventing truck driver leg pain.  Truck drivers of all fitness and pain levels – you don’t want to miss this!
1 Key Exercise To Help Truck Driver Leg Pain:

  1. While standing, grab a hold of door with one hand
  2. Raise leg on same side of body as hand grabbing door as close to 90 degrees as possible
  3. Lower leg to meet other leg on ground
  4. Repeat leg raises 20 times with each leg before switching

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