Video: How To Eat Healthier Food At Truck Stops

Is it possible to make healthier food choices at truck stops when surrounded by junk?

Watch the video to escape the trap of chips and candy!

Quick Video Recap
In this video, Eric makes his way through a truck stop to find some of healthier food options available to drivers then reviews some of the key ingredients.  He’ll also cover some of the shocking amounts of sugar that can be found is some of the worst food options available to truckers.
4 tips to find healthier food options at truck stops:

  1. Read labels – some foods may appear to be healthier options when they really aren’t
  2. Pick food rich in proteins – especially at the beginning of the day
  3. Avoid sugar (especially added sugar) whenever possible
  4. Most importantly – plan ahead to grab healthier food choices at truck stops even when in a hurry

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