Video: 5 Quick, Easy Truck Driver Exercises To Do Daily

Every day when truck drivers wake up, they there are 5 quick and easy exercises that can be done in and around the truck in just a few minutes.  Start doing them today!

WATCH NOW: Get 5 quick, easy truck driver exercises from a real trucker

Quick Video Recap
In the video, Jerry shows us 5 different truck driver exercises that are easy to knock out on a daily basis.  All of these exercises can be done in and around the truck with little space or equipment necessary.  As Jerry says in the video, there’s no excuse for truck drivers not to exercise – we just give into temptation.  Give the exercises in the truck driver video a try!
5 quick, easy truck driver exercises

  1. Dips – using tires or the drivers and passenger seat
  2. Sit Ups – can be done as soon as trucker wakes up
  3. Push Ups – knock em out inside or outside of the truck
  4. Power Walking – get those knees up in the air and get some blood flow going
  5. Rowing – thread the resistance band through the truck door handle and put it to use

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