Video: 4 In-Cab Stretches for Truck Drivers

What stretches should truck drivers do after driving all day?

Watch these 4 in-cab stretches for truck drivers:

Quick Video Recap
It’s important to get in these truck driver stretches after a long day behind the wheel.  Truck drivers can do all of these stretches in cab, so don’t even think about using the weather as an excuse!  Remember, do these trucker stretches with the truck off and in park.
4 quick in cab stretches for truck drivers

  1. Forearm stretch pushing on the inside of the wheel – alternate inside and outside of hand
  2. Shoulder stretch behind head grabbing elbow with opposite hand
  3. Neck stretch – bring shoulders and elbows into body while looking opposite direction
  4. Trunk twist – keep spine straight, grab ahold of wheel with one hand and twist to side. 

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