(Video) 2 Ways To Quickly Build Chest Muscles Using Truck & Dumbbells

We’re back with another fresh #WorkoutWednesday routine and today we’re going to be working those chest muscles.  With a little spin on a traditional exercise such as push ups, truck drivers can use dumbbells and a little creativity to get the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time.  Find out what I mean by watching the video below…

How To Use Dumbbells & Truck To Build Chest Muscles

What Exercise Equipment Is Needed?
To put a creative spin on pushups, truck drivers just need to pick up a pair of dumbbells here for right around $15-$20. These can be used to make the movements in the video above much easier to do.  You’ll notice that I’m using the vinyl dumbbells. These are especially nice because of the soft feel on the hands when using body weight to do exercises such as push ups. 

Dumbbells for Truck Drivers

#HTWorkout Quick Tip
Safety is top priority for truck drivers not only when driving, but when doing exercises out on the road.  Take your time to learn the different push up movements using the dumbbells and truck to add the incline.  In the video, I am using the tire for support but in wet conditions this would not be the best choice.  Find something that works for you as a prop for the feet to add an incline element to this exercise.    

Chest Exercises for Truckers

How To Do Close Grip and Wide Grip Push Ups

  1. Begin as you would for a normal pushup, but place your arms slightly closer together. Do a push up in this position.
  2. Reach out your left arm and leg into a wider grip. Do a pushup in this form.
  3. Return to normal pushup length. Repeat the set, alternating between extending your right and left arms out further. Continue for as many reps as desired.

How To Do Incline Push Ups

  1. Get in normal push up form with your feet propped up. In this video, my feet are propped onto the tire.
  2. Lower body down as you would with a normal pushup. Continue for as many reps as desired.

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