Video: 2 Simple OTR Workouts for a Ripped Back

Truck driving is a career that often comes with back pain. How do you work those muscles on the road?

Watch the video for two ideas for simple OTR workouts to help you get a better back.

Quick Video Recap
Prevent and treat truck driver back pain on the road with these simple OTR workouts for truck drivers. To start, wrap a resistance band around your feet and pull the handles behind your chest — you’re doing resistance rows. Depending on the angle you hold the bands, you’ll work different muscles. Watch the video for a demonstration of these OTR workouts in action.

Back Workouts for Truck Drivers

  1. Sitting on a yoga mat with your legs extended in front of you, wrap the resistance band around your feet.
  2. Pull the handles of the resistance up at about a 40 degree angle to work your shoulders.
  3. Pull the handles more parallel to the ground to work your upper back.

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