Video: 2 Chest Workouts for Truckers

Holding a big rig wheel for 11 hours a day is bound to lead to some tightness in the back and chest every now and then. How do we combat and prevent chest and back pain in truck drivers?

Watch the video to see our suggestions on two basic chest workouts for truckers:

Quick Video Recap
Just because there’s limited access to gyms on the road doesn’t mean there’s no possibility to get chest workouts for truckers in on the road!

2 chest workouts for truckers:

1. Wide grip pushups:  doing a push up with a wide grip works your pecs more so than a normal push up. Make sure to get low and stress using your chest muscles when pushing back up.

2. Close grip pushups:  this is a more traditional push-up. It can be done on dumbbells to minimize the stress placed on your wrists. When doing close grip push-ups, make sure to focus on your triceps.

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