Never Too Late for Love – 4 Practical Valentine’s Gifts for Truckers

It’s about that time…Valentine’s Day is just a week away. Scrambling for some gift ideas for truck drivers? We’ve got you covered. Now, obviously you know your partner better than anyone, so these are some general suggestions for those who need a little guidance on what to get for the sweetie in your life this “holiday.” Don’t worry, I’m not going to make it too sappy and awkward in here. These gift ideas are practical (my favorite!) without being too boring/offensive (vacuum cleaner, anyone?) and I think just about any trucker would appreciate having them on hand. Let’s get started on some Valentine’s gifts for truckers!

Satellite Radio

Sirius XM Satellite Radio for TruckersAs one can imagine, truckers spend a lot of time on the road and that can mean suffering through static radio stations, droning DJs, and the same songs time after time after time. Know what would make this better? A radio station that doesn’t need to be changed and plays a wide range of music. Enter — Sirius satellite radio. Truckers love satellite radio for its large collection of genres, talk radio programs, and its ability to always come in clear, making a dock station and subscription a great gift that a trucker is sure to appreciate. I’m willing to be more drivers would see more benefits from this vs. that box of chocolates.

Slow Cooker

While it may not be possible to have a Valentine’s dinner together, a gift like a slow cooker is something that will surely come in handy on the road. Truck stop and fast food options are not the healthiest, so having the option to make something tasty and healthy from the comfort of a truck cab is a huge benefit.

Bluetooth Headset

A driver may be 1,000 miles away from his/her spouse, but with a quality Bluetooth headset it’s possible to still remain connected on the road! This BlueParrott headset is a best-seller and loved by many. Any trucker would love to have a headset like this that’s guaranteed to block out the jumbles and noises of life on the road.

visor frame for truckersVisor Frame

If you want to go in more of a lovey-dovey route, a visor frame with a picture of the two of you is an inexpensive yet heartfelt Valentine’s gift. This frame is made to fit on any vehicle’s visor — from a regular passenger car, to a truck, to a semi and is a surefire way to ensure your trucker always has you in their thoughts on the road.

If you want to go the homemade route…

If you don’t subscribe to the whole commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day, there are still some things that can be done for your significant other on the road to celebrate the day without spending much money (if any).

For example, any trucker would appreciate homecooked meals on the road. After all, drivers are surrounded by all kinds of unhealthy options all the time. Make a special Valentine’s Day dinner when your trucker is on hometime, freeze it, and send it out with him/her to eat on Valentine’s Day. If you’re feeling extra cute, you could make your trucker some homemade cookies cut into little hearts. 🙂

A book or journal filled with reasons your trucker is the best is a heartfelt gift that requires very little out of pocket expenses and it’s something personal that your trucker can always look back at.

Even something as simple as spending some time video chatting with one another can make the day a little more special, even if you can’t be together on the actual holiday. Valentine’s gifts for truckers don’t have to be expensive items. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s the thought that counts.

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