Christmas Countdown Day 6: Mini Vacuum for Truckers

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Hand Vacuum for truckersYour truck is a home away from home and who wants to live in a pit? Keep your truck tidy and clean with this quick flip hand vac.

We’ve got another practical holiday gift for truckers today. I know what you’re thinking. “Come on, a vacuum?” Well…yeah. It may not be the most exciting of gifts, but a little hand vacuum can sure come in handy (ha) on the truck.

As any trucker knows, space on a big rig is pretty limited. If you want to keep your sleeper clean, you’ll need some kind of broom or vacuum, but obviously traditional models are WAY too big for a trucker’s needs!

This Scorpion Hand Vac is travel sized, perfect for a trucker’s cross country lifestyle. It’s powerful enough to pick up dirt and crumbs from the interior of a truck, making it a great option for the trucker who wants to take a little pride in the appearance of his rig. This mini vac comes with a “crevice tool” perfect to clean tight spaces like between seats as well as hose and dusting brush.

This Scorpion hand vacuum is available on Amazon for about $30. Swing over and pick one up now. And be sure to check out ALL of our great holiday gifts for truck drivers right here!

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