(Video) Lose the Love Handles with Trucker Trunk Twists Exercise

We all know the most common way to work out our abs — crunches, and lots of them. But what about those difficult-to-exercise muffin tops? Obliques are a bit tricky to work out, but with this truck driver exercise routine, you’ll have those love handles shredded in no time!

While this trunk twists exercise is great for your obliques, it comes with an added bonus in that it helps to stretch out an achy back caused by a day full of driving.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of this trunk twists exercise for truck drivers.

What Exercise Equipment is Needed?

In this video, we’re using the 5 pound medicine ball. These are super convenient because they’re small enough to fit in your truck but also heavy enough to provide you with some good resistance when working out. You can purchase a set here on Amazon. A yoga mat is also helpful for this exercise.

Medicine balls for exercise

#HTWorkout Quick Tip

Not only do these trunk twists help build muscle in your core, they’re also great for easing the dreaded trucker back pain that comes with sitting in the driver’s seat for 11 hours a day!

How to do a trunk twists exercise

How to Do Trunk Twists

  1. Lay on your back on the yoga mat with your legs extended upwards. Lift your head off the ground – as far as is comfortable for you.
  2. Holding the medicine ball above your stomach, twist from side to side working your core and obliques.

We recommend starting with 20-25 reps of whatever weight is comfortable for you. Continue for 2-3 more sets.

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Let’s Hear From YOU

What are your favorite exercises for truck drivers?

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