What’s Your Excuse Again? These Truckers Are Runnin’ Laps Around You

derek-mcclain-runningI am an active member in an awesome Facebook Group I’d recommend you check out.  It’s called Truckin’ Runners (you’ll need to sign in to Facebook first) and it’s just that – a group full of people in the trucking industry (most are actual drivers) who love to run.  Really though, for me the group extends well beyond running.  I’d actually describe it as a positive online community of people in the trucking industry who like the be active.  In the Truckin’ Runners group, you’ll find people who don’t settle for the status quo.  Instead of negative comments, you’ll find positive thoughts and daily motivation to continue to be active…quite a change from the normal trucking stereotype.

I joined the group just a few months ago, so I guess some could still call me a “newbie.”  While I haven’t been in the group for a long amount of time (relatively speaking), what I’ve learned from connecting with the people in this group probably would have taken me years to learn otherwise.  I’ve learned about running shoes, apps for tracking runs, how to run without music (this one is tough!) and  how to better pace/push myself to be a better runner.  But most importantly, I’ve learned from the group that IT CAN BE DONE if you have the inner drive to do it!

What do I mean by “it” can be done??  I mean that truck drivers can lead a healthy, active lifestyle and it actually can be a lot of fun!  Why settle for becoming the stereotypical overweight, unhealthy truck driver who has a less than average life expectancy when you have a choice??  In just a few months of being in the group, I have seen several drivers make a great deal of progress – improving pace, losing weight, signing up for runs with confidence they otherwise would have feared , eating better, etc. and I’ve made some big strides (no pun intended) as well.   Whether you’re currently fairly active or just now trying to get back into shape – I can promise you that joining the Truckin’ Runners group on Facebook and reading the posts as often as possible WILL motivate you to be a healthier trucker. 

So that’s it – you’re out of excuses.  Your time has come.  The support system is there.  Others are doing “it” and they’re doing “it” well!  Now of course you will have to take some action after you join, but I have a feeling that after reading several posts from other drivers in the group you’ll feel pretty guilty just sitting there.

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Note: You will need to sign into Facebook to see the group and you will have to ask permission to join. 

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