(Video) The Trucker Trans4mer Workout – 10 Exercises For Truckers

Recently, I was asked to take a look at a new product called the Trans4mer.  The Trans4mer targets those who want workout options, but don’t have a lot of space for equipment.  This 1 piece of exercise equipment replaces kettlebells, dumbbells, exercise balls, medicine balls and more.  Sounds perfect for a truck driver, right?  Let’s take a closer look…

How Does The Trans4mer Work?

With 2 EZ Change Handles and its Exclusive Progressive Weight System (PWS) the Trans4mer delivers the benefits of 20 different pieces of athletic equipment all in one.  The 4 Safety Strap-N-Snap connections can be unsnapped to open the Trans4mer and add up to 30 lbs using the PWS discs.  The handles can also be reconfigured as needed for each exercise offering 4 unique options.

Trans4mer Configuration

The Trucker Trans4mer Workout – Created by The Healthy Trucker

After I received the Trans4mer, I knew I had to put it to the test with our very own customer workout.  The 10 exercises in the video below can be done with very little space, just outside the truck.  They are designed to give truck drivers options for a full body workout all from this 1 piece of equipment.  Watch the video below to see what the Trans4mer can do!

10 Trans4mer Exercise Ideas:

In this video, I demonstrate 10 different exercises that can be done with this 1 piece of equipment to get in a solid full body workout.  By starting here and adjusting the number of reps/sets, this workout can be customized for all different levels of fitness.  Take a look…

Trans4mer Exercise List

#HTWorkout Quick Tip

Remember, FORM IS EVERYTHING in every single one of these exercises.  If you don’t feel comfortable with a weight, remove some and go lighter.  If you’re struggling to finish sets, do less reps.  Less reps with good form is more beneficial than incomplete reps. 

Where Can I Get The Trans4mer?

Learn more about the Trans4mer and place an order by visiting GoXercise.com.  Here you can choose from different models and upgrade configurations to add more weight to the Trans4mer.

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Let’s Hear From YOU

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