Christmas Countdown Day 14 – Rand McNally Trucker Road Atlas

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Day 14: Trucker Atlas

trucker road atlasWhile a GPS is very nice, an up-to-date trucker road atlas is a must! Truckers learn to map read on atlases, so don’t blindly rely on a GPS. Nothing else really needs to be said…just get this one.

Map reading is one of the first skills taught in a truck driving school classroom. It’s one of the most basic, most crucial skills needed to drive a truck. If you can’t read a map, you can’t hardly be a trucker, plain and simple. And while the invention of GPS devices has made getting from Point A to Point B even easier, it’s still crucial that truck drivers know how to read a traditional road atlas.

GPS devices are a great back-up plan, sure, but they are NOT 100% foolproof. It’s happened before where truckers have blindly followed a GPS only to find that they couldn’t fit under an overpass or weren’t allowed to drive on a particular road. Can you say “uh oh?”

This Rand McNally Road Atlas is the gold standard of road atlases. It’s the one truckers everywhere swear by. This particular one is HUGE (18×12 inches), laminated, and spiral bound so it’s sure to last through those rough days of driving.

Available for: ~$45 on Amazon

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