How to: Prevent Truck Drivers Back Pain

Sitting – as a truck driver, it’s something you’re going to be doing all the time, and it could be causing you pain. And you can see the result of truck drivers back pain at any truck stop as drivers climb out of their cabs, hunched over and stiff.

It’s true that sitting for long periods of time isn’t good for your health. Your risk of blood clots, heart attack, and stroke increases. You’re more likely to have back and neck pain. Your hip flexors can tighten, your hamstrings shorten, and pinched nerves are more likely. Our bodies weren’t made to sit for so long, so when we do, the body is being stressed. Truck drivers back pain is unfortunately too common.

All this driving sounds like bad news. However, there are some simple things you can do to prevent truck drivers back pain or injury from being in the driver’s seat. From checking your posture to our back exercises for truck drivers, these steps only take a few minutes to perform.

Truck Driving Posture

When your posture begins to break down, muscles in your body start being pulled in directions they weren’t meant to be pulled. This results in chronic pain. Be aware of your posture. Make sure your seat is in the correct position so that your back is straight, your arms are relaxed, and your legs lightly touch the seat. You shouldn’t feel any tightness in your body in a relaxed, seated position with good posture.

Back Exercises for Truck Drivers

Another way to prevent back pain from lots of driving: light stretching. Do some quick stretches in your cab when you make a stop. You can do anything like a twist, stretching the arms or wrists, and turning the head from side to side. This will help stretch out your ligaments and prevent long term pain. Get into a habit of stretching every time you stop.

Physical Activity After Driving

The best way to prevent truck drivers back pain is to simply stop and walk around every few hours. If you’re at a truck stop, do a few laps around your truck. If you have the time, make a quick stop every so often just to stand up. This helps to ease the stress on your body from sitting, and helps increase your circulation after a long period of inactivity. Even if the weather is bad or you can’t leave your cab, standing up and getting out of the driver’s seat is important for your back health.

Truck drivers back pain is very common, so it’s very important to keep these simple tips in mind when you’re out on the road. By doing what you can to help prevent back pain, doing our simple back exercises for truck drivers, and getting some physical activity outside your truck, you’ll save yourself time off the road due to chronic pain.

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