Watch A Truck Driver Weight Loss Transformation – Before & After Photos

If you’re in need of a little post Memorial Day holiday weekend motivation, I’ve got just the thing for you.  As I’ve written about before, there’s a Truckin’ Runners group on Facebook full of awesome people who can give just about anyone the extra push they need to take some action. Today, I’ve got a video that I ran across last week in the group from Jon Narron illustrating the changes in his body and health over the last year or so.  Watch this awesome transformation below:

Since Jon has come so far on his journey, we asked him for his tips on truck driver weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle. His suggestion?

“Get ‘er done! Seriously, just reach out. There are so many sincere, caring people out there who will inspire you to get off your duff and make a better life for yourself. You can DO it!

“Special thanks to all my truckin’ runners out there. Whether you realize it or not you help motivate me to keep moving forward and challenge myself. I hope one day to achieve much more and wish the very best for all of you out there keeping America moving. Here’s to health and happiness, drivers!”

Jon attributes much of his success to his activity in the Truckin’ Runners group.  As you can see from the video, he put in a lot of time exercising – both out on the road and at the gym.  Along the way, he shared his journey with the group and it has not only motivated him to push harder, but has helped countless other truck drivers in the group and beyond.  Check out the Truckin’ Runners here if you’re interested in joining a great group with lots of supportive fellow truckers!

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