Truck Driver Loses Weight with Dance Fitness

CNN recently ran an article on a 6’7″ foot tattooed truck driver who gets his exercise in a somewhat nontraditional way — by dancing.

John Drury, aka “Big John,” is a 43-year-old truck driver who experienced the all too common “grab-and-go” lifestyle that truck driving jobs are notorious for. After 10 years driving a truck, Big John had put on 140 pounds. After all, 10 hours behind the wheel, lack of exercise, and truck stop fare don’t really foster a healthy lifestyle.

Truck driver dances off weightWhen Big John’s friend, a fellow truck driver, died from diabetes-related complications in 2010, he knew he had to make a change for his health. He entered a Biggest Loser competition where he got a gym membership, personal trainer, and nutritionist for three months. Big John lost 54 pounds and finished in second place in the competition.

After the competition ended, Big John discovered his passion for Zumba. But after time and time again of entering classrooms filled with women, he decided to become a dance fitness instructor himself. He created his own company in April 2011 appropriately called Big John’s Dance Fitness where he charges $5 per class on Saturday and Sunday mornings. So far, Big John’s lost 85 pounds and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Read CNN’s full article on John here.

Big John’s story just goes to show — it doesn’t matter what you do for exercise, just get that heart rate up and get some physical activity in! Find an exercise that you actually enjoy, and working out won’t be a chore. Sure, John’s received some jokes at his expense for being a big, burly truck driver who enjoys dancing. But he’s getting exercise and becoming healthy. What are YOU doing?

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