Truck Driver Health – 2014 First Quarter Successes

Hard to believe that the first quarter of 2014 is already over (especially when it’s still January-like temperatures outside!). With the first major milestone of the year down comes a time to think about our truck driver health successes and resolutions thus far. We took to Facebook to see what our fans have accomplished so far, and the responses were awesome! Take a look…

What have you done to improve your truck driver health so far in 2014?

Trucker grocery list

“I lost 30 pounds and eat lots of veggies instead of junk food and drink water instead of soda. Also walk a lot.” – Brandon Barron

“I started working out on the road, started eating healthier, became successful in losing weight with my own protein shake creation, and have lost weight and am looking sexier than ever for my upcoming wedding!” – Romona Hagin

“We’ve helped hundreds of truckers get their sleep apnea under control.” – Aeroflow Industrial

“Switched all oil that we cook with to extra virgin olive oil. And if we drink tea it’s unsweet. Down 12 pounds since January 7th with no exercise.” – Lloyd Tillman

“Clean and natural eating. Cooking on the truck helps with that. I have dropped 2-3 pounds a week since January 1st. If it comes from a box or a can full of preservatives and MSG (or any other unnatural chemical) it doesn’t go on the truck. Cutting sodas and replacing them with black tea or green tea and water. Although we flatbed, we find time to exercise. In doing all of this I have also improved my health and have a healthy heart and triglycerides are back to normal, which I keep up to date on monthly with the help of the doctor at the terminal.” – Jessica Frazier-Parker

“Stopped diet sodas and energy drinks. Lots more veggies and grass fed meats as much as possible. I am following a no added sugar, no grain lifestyle. Weight has dropped some, but the increased energy and reduced pain are my biggest benefits so far.” – Carrie Dow

We truly do have some awesome healthy truckers! But now it’s your turn…

What have YOU done to improve your health so far in 2014?