5 Last-Minute Truck Driver Health Goals for 2013

2013 Truck Driver Health GoalsWell, Christmas has come and gone.  It’s time to officially turn your attention to the New Year.  What will 2013 have in store for you?  Will you continue or get on the path to living a happy, healthier life? 

We know 2013 is just a handful of days away, but it’s not too late to set some last minute goals for improving your health as a truck driver.  In fact, we’re going to help you create a list of challenging,yet attainable goals you can put into action right away.  To make things simple, we’re suggesting just 1 goal for 5 different areas of your life.  They are as follows:

  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Nutritional
  • Relationship
  • Recreational

1. Financial Truck Driver Health Goal for 2013 – Start Emergency Fund – Finally!
An important part of truck driver health is having control of finances.  Often times, we talk a lot about how we need to save money, but rarely get around to actually doing it.  The reason for that is simple – life happens.  You need new tires, have to pay car insurance, medical bills…the financial “setbacks” just keep coming!  That’s why it’s important to get a plan in place now so even financial “setbacks” like this don’t prove to be detrimental to financial success.

Our financial expert here at The Healthy Trucker, Pete the Planner put together a quick video on how you can start an emergency fund even when you’re flat broke – check it out below!

2. Physical Truck Driver Health Goal for 2013- Get In Your Workouts – No Excuses!
Much like saving money, you can always find an excuse NOT to work out.  As a truck driver, your physical health is at risk because your occupation revolves around sitting most of the day.  What does this mean?  Anytime and every time you can, you need to move!  In fact, you MUST MOVE!  It doesn’t matter if you’ve only got 10 minutes before your next load – get out to do some push ups, sit ups or jumping jacks.  You will be glad you did it and you’ll feel much better about yourself.
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3. Nutritional Truck Driver Health Goal for 2013 – Make Smart Choices
We aren’t going to tell you to go on a diet.  We aren’t even going to suggest giving up red meat or carbs for a year.  But what we are going to tell you is that if you want to improve your overall health as a truck driver – you MUST make smart choices about the food you eat.  It’s that simple and it can be done.

Take a moment to think about the food you eat on a daily/weekly basis.  You don’t have to be a nutritional expert to have a general idea of what’s healthy and what isn’t.  Start by substituting water for soda or by switching out french fries for a salad and go from there.  It doesn’t have to be a radical change, but if you get on the right path, you’ll be motivated to make some bigger changes after you begin to see results. 

Tammy is an OTR Truck Driver who’s on a journey to lose 100lbs.  Read her blog for some ideas on simple changes you can make in 2013.

4. Relationship Truck Driver Health Goal for 2013 – Save Positive Energy For Calls
If you’re an OTR truck driver, you’ve likely got family back at home.  If you’ve got family back at home, you probably keep in communication by making calls.  Regardless of if it’s a phone call, FaceTime call or Skype call – you need to have energy for these calls so that you can maintain a positive relationship with loved ones.

What do we mean by this?  In short, calling your wife after you’ve just been driving for hours in heavy traffic while she’s had a full evening getting the kids fed and put to bed may not be the best move.  Instead, pick times when both of you have positive energy for the call – it’ll make a world of difference!

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5. Recreational Truck Driver Health Goal for 2013 – Make Time for YOU!
Overall truck driver health, must include some “play” time for YOU.  Pick something you’ve always wanted to do and do it.  It could be for 1 day, 30 days, or the rest of your life.  Maybe it’s knitting, writing, photography or visiting every NFL stadium.  Just pick something and make it happen.  Make the most out of your down time, free time, home time, whatever you want to call it and DO IT.  It’ll make for great conversation and sense of accomplishment. 

Here’s A YouTube Video For Inspiration

What are you waiting for?  You’ve got less than a week to get your plan in place to get started!  Here’s to a happy, healthier YOU in 2013.

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