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In the past, we’ve talked about the role that drinks play in truck driver health. We all know that water is the best choice. In fact, we have a post all about the benefits of water. It’s also important that truck drivers avoid energy drinks and too much coffee. But is it all or nothing? Is there a happy medium between boringly bland, and shockingly unhealthy? What are some healthier drinks for truck drivers when plain water is just too….plain?

How about this Naked drink?

Naked juice berry blast labelNaked juice has been in the news a lot lately for health claims that some deem invalid and even flat out untrue. But one thing is for sure — the company sure knows how to market their products. Check out the label — 100% juice, no added sugar — seems pretty healthy, right?

Apple juice, banana puree, strawberry puree, blackberry puree, and raspberry puree. No fat, no cholesterol, low sodium, high potassium.

Keep going and you see that this Berry Blast Naked Juice has… no fiber. Seems like it could be easier to just eat a fresh apple, banana, or some strawberries and get the vitamins and fiber.

But then there’s the sugar. 26 grams of sugar in 8 ounces of juice. And might I add that an entire bottle is actually about two servings — 52 grams of sugar and about 260 calories. But it’s not added sugar, so what does that mean? Is it still healthy?

Naked juice - healthy or not?

Let’s see what some fellow truck drivers have to say about the matter.

“Better than added sugar, better than soda, but whole fruit is always a better option.” –Jessica Clayton-Sanford

“Added sugar is still sugar. Doesn’t matter where it comes from, it’s bad for you.” –M Duck Peterson

“If your choice is this versus soda, yes it is a healthier option. If you are just needing a drink, have water.” –Denise Wendinger

“Sugar is sugar. Blend your fruits and veggies. You still get the fiber, so you’ll consume much less. Better yet, just eat a variety of whole food. You don’t need that concentration of stuff to be healthy.” –Carrie Dow

“There’s no issue having Naked Juice in moderation. I tell everyone that moderation is extremely important. One product could be good one way and bad in a different way. Yes this is a better option than soda and yes it’s natural fruit, but it’s still a lot of sugar. Even if you start juicing yourself, you have to tell yourself to juice more vegetables then fruit. There was controversy about the blueberry flavor but besides that, you should be okay. A ton of products look healthy on the market that aren’t organic. I personally don’t trust things that are necessarily organic. The facility only has to be tested once to be considered organic. How do you know if the following year that company isn’t going to start adding ingredients that aren’t “organic”?” –Adrienne Gomez

What are your thoughts on the matter — healthy, or just good marketing?

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