(Video) Banish Belly Fat With This V-Up Exercise For Truckers

Belly fat is one of the biggest problem areas for many people.  Sometimes it seems that no matter what, it just won’t go away.  We all know that crunches are seemingly *the* exercise to do to banish belly fat, but they don’t work out every muscle group in the abdominals — especially those annoying lower abs.

To truly get that shredded 6-pack, more than just regular crunches will be required. Diet is a key piece, but also variation in exercises to target the abdominal area.  Today, Derek demonstrates an exercise called V-Ups that truckers can easily do outside their cab using just a yoga mat for added comfort. Add in a lightweight medicine ball for some additional resistance and you’ll be feeling the burn in no time.

V-ups work both upper and lower abdominal muscles, and can also help strengthen back muscles, so they can also help with that truck driver back pain in the long haul!

Check out the demonstration below to learn how to do V-ups.

What Exercise Equipment is Needed?

Lightweight medicine ballIn this video, Derek is using a basic yoga mat and a lightweight (about 5 pounds) exercise ball. Feel free to leave out the exercise ball if it is too difficult with the weight resistance — this exercise will make your abs burn even without the added weight!

#HTWorkout Quick Tip

Make sure to keep arms and legs as straight as possible. Avoid jerking your body upwards into the V — the point of this exercise is to isolate and work out the abdominal muscles, so slow controlled movements are always best.

How to Do V-Ups

  1. Lay on the yoga mat with your head flat. Extend legs with toes pointing toward the sky. Arms should be extended over your head with palms facing the sky (or holding the medicine ball).
  2. Slowly bring legs and hands toward each other, creating a V-shape by bringing your arms and legs close together in the middle of your body.
  3. Return arms and legs back to floor and repeat for preferred amount of reps.

Be sure to concentrate on isolating the abdominal area.  No pain should be felt in the back or neck area, but you should feel a burn. Do not use “jerky” movements — each rep should be controlled. We suggest 20-25 reps and 3-4 sets, but do whatever YOU feel most comfortable with. Don’t strain yourself.  Start slow and add more sets.  Remember, 5 good reps is better than 15 with bad form.

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Let’s Hear From YOU

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