Video: 3 Tips to Prevent Truck Driver Back Pain

What can truck drivers do to stop struggling with back pain after driving all day long?

Watch the video for 3 easy ways to prevent trucker back pain

Quick Video Recap
Truck drivers do a whole lot of sitting, so it’s no surprise that many suffer from trucker back pain.  In the video, Eric reviews some simple adjustments that that can be made to reduce the amount of back pain truck drivers suffer from each day.  Preventing back pain for truckers is all about minimal strain on the spine, so follow these tips for relief now. 
3 tips to prevent truck driver back pain:

  1. Adjust seat so arms are comfortable and straight, not hunched over the wheel
  2. Make sure back of legs are barely resting on the seat with minimal pressure
  3. Position mirrors properly to reduce neck bends and twists – no leaning over to check mirrors

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