Christmas Countdown Day 18: Mini Travel Blender for Truck Drivers

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Day 18: Travel Blender

Travel blender for truck driversPrepare healthy smoothies and dips on the road with an inexpensive travel blender and avoid those unhealthy truck stop meals.

Why it’s a great gift: A blender is one of those things that a trucker might think, “eh, I really have no use for one.” But the truth is — you might use it more than you’d think! We’ve talked to many Healthy Trucker fans who use little travel blenders in their trucks to make protein shakes, breakfast smoothies, and more from the comfort of their own rig. And homemade smoothies and shakes are much healthier than what you’d find at the nearby Jamba Juice.

This travel blender from Hamilton Beach makes a single serving of ___ (insert beverage of choice here), making it a perfect choice for the always on-the-go truck driver. Even better? You can drink your beverage right from the blending jar and it will even fit in your cup holder so you can enjoy that green smoothie of yours on the go.

This little blender is the perfect size for a solo (or even team) driving operation and is available for right around $13. Hard to beat a price that low, especially if you’re just looking to try out a basic blender before investing in something heavy-duty.

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