4 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Eating Less – Tips to Prevent Overeating

We’ve all done it. As a truck driver there’s nothing more enjoyable than some good old R&R time with your buddy Netflix.  All too often, having some “free” time to get caught up on House of Cards also means reaching for the nearest bag of cheesy poofs.  1 episode turns into 2 and then 3 – next thing you know the whole bag is empty!  How did this happen? As a healthy trucker, you had full intentions of only having one serving’s worth of cheesy poofs.

Truck driver or not, mindless overeating happens to the best of us if we’re not careful.  Today, we’re going to talk about a few ways to trick yourself into eating less to avoid slipping into this trap!

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Re-portion Bulk Snacks

Single Serving Ziplock Bags

The easiest way to prevent overeating is by having just ONE serving which is much easier to do when not eating directly from the bag or box. A good way to do this is by dividing food into single serving baggies (or 100-calorie baggies, whichever you prefer) as soon as possible.  How will this prevent overeating? Well, I guarantee you’ll think twice when going to get a second baggie vs. just reaching into the bag again.  Especially remembering the point behind purposefully portioning the food into single serving sizes.

Eat Protein-Rich Snacks

Protein takes longer to digest and will keep you full longer, so an easy way to trick yourself into eating less is by eating snacks that are high in protein such as Greek yogurt, eggs, and cottage cheese. Since they take longer to digest, it’s not as easy to get a case of the munchies.

Use Non-dominant Hand When Eating

It sounds silly, but using your non-dominant hand to snack may actually help mean eating less?  That’s right, a study by the University of Southern California found that when people disrupted the physical sequence of action that comes with eating, they had more control over how much they ate. Just…maybe avoid this technique when dining out in public to keep from looking like a toddler who just learned how to use eating utensils. 🙂

Use Smaller Bowls, Plates, Cups

This is along the same vein as the whole “re-portion snacks” point, but another way to trick the brain into thinking it’s eating more than it actually is is by using smaller bowls, plates, and cups. Think about it — a 6 ounce steak with a cup of veggies is going to look tiny on a 12-inch plate, so most of us would load the plate up more to make it look more balanced. But put it on an 8 inch plate, and everything looks more scaled, right? Yet you’re still eating an adequate, healthy portion size. Consider using small salad plates for your entrees instead of larger dinner plates. Old yogurt and sour cream containers are a good size for snacking, and tall, thin glasses are the best for drinks.

One last thing for truck drivers to think about — if mindless munching is a weakness, pick a snack that at least has some health benefits when kicking back to relax. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not promoting binge eating, but at least sitting down a bunch of grapes or carrot sticks, still offers some sort of nutritional value without stretching the waistline too much.

Some Tips From Fellow Healthy Truckers

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