TCA Weight Loss Showdown – Overview & Current Standings

A few weeks ago, the Truckload Carriers Association kicked off their third annual TCA Weight Loss Showdown. This yearly competition aims to encourage truckers and trucking company staff to get healthy and lose some weight!

The contest is being put on by the Truckload Carriers Association with Lean for Life on the Road as a sponsor. Lean for Life is a program created by the Lindora Clinic which aims to help truckers get healthier on the road. The program stresses a low-carb, low-fat, moderate protein diet and provides individuals with exercise, nutritional education and tips on making a lifestyle change rather than a temporary weight-loss regimen.

The Participants

TCA Weight Loss Showdown LogoTCA selected 6 carriers to compete in this year’s showdown. Those carriers are:  American Central Transport, Bay & Bay Transportation, E.W. Wylie Trucking, Freight Exchange of North America, Grand Island Express, and Halvor Lines. Check out their before videos below.

American Central Transport

Bay & Bay Transportation

E.W. Wylie Trucking

Freight Exchange of North America

Grand Island Express

Halvor Lines

How it Works

The showdown consists of two phases. During the first, participants receive their Lean for Life packages and learn the ins and outs of the program. Each contestant weighs in every week, with the last weigh in being the week of August 5th. The carrier winner and individual winner will be announced on Thursday, August 15.

The second phase of the showdown is the maintenance phase. From here out, only monthly weigh-ins will be submitted. The maintenance winning carrier will be announced January 2014.

The winning carrier will receive more Lean for Life on the Road programs for their employees, and the individual winner will receive a check for $2,500! Not bad — a hefty chunk of change AND a healthier you!

Current Standings

The showdown has been going on for a few weeks by now, but so far, Grand Island Express is in the lead with 5.3% of their total weight lost! We’ll be following these 6 teams and their programs throughout the duration of the competition, so check back for updates!

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