Christmas Countdown Day 8: Tablet for Truckers

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Day 8: Tablet

Kindle Fire Tablet for TruckersTablets are all the rage. Surf the web, check email, read your favorite books and so much more with a tablet perfectly sized for trucker life.

Tablets are becoming increasingly more popular for truckers to take on the road for a couple reasons. Perhaps most notably, they’re smaller and more compact than a full laptop, making them a convenient alternative for the road. They obviously don’t have as much computing power as a laptop, but for most truckers, a tablet can provide all the entertainment they need.

WiFi connection allows truck drivers to keep in touch with friends and family back home through a multitude of channels — social media, email, video chat…the list goes on. Various entertainment options like movies, TV shows, and e-books make it easy to pass the time on the road, and trucker-specific apps can make the OTR lifestyle a little bit easier.

I personally recommend the Kindle Fire because it’s the tablet I own and I really enjoy it, but obviously this is somewhat of a personal preference. The Kindle Fire has most of the same functions as say, an Apple iPad, but for much cheaper (currently starting at $139 on Amazon). One thing to note is that to access internet on a Kindle, you must have a wifi connection whereas an iPad can access through 3 or 4G.

If your trucker is looking for a way to stay connected and entertained on the road without the hassle of lugging a full sized laptop around, consider investing in a tablet for him or her!

Available for: Starting at $139 on Amazon

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