Christmas Countdown Day 4: Sunglasses for Truckers

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Day 4: Sunglasses

sunglasses for truckersVisors can only block so much sunlight and who really wants to stare in the sun all day long? Block those rays and look pretty cool doing it when these polarized sunglasses from Flying Fisherman.

One of the biggest concerns health-wise on the road is sun damage. You might not think this would be an issue since truckers aren’t generally directly in the sun, but that bit of light beaming down on the driver can definitely do damage (just see this pic of a trucker’s face after numerous years on the road for proof).

That’s why one of our final gift recommendations this year is a good pair of sunglasses. Your trucker will definitely get use out of these on the road — think about how much time they spend driving into the sun during their day!

These Flying Fisherman sunglasses come in three different colors and feature polarized lenses to eliminate glare and reduce eye fatigue. They offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, so they’ll keep your trucker safe on the road.

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