Striving for Success: Health and Fitness Goals for 2015

As we begin a new year, it’s healthy to reflect on the accomplishments and the shortcomings of the year that’s passed. I don’t think we should dwell on goals we didn’t reach, but instead focus on how to do better in the coming year. We should definitely celebrate accomplishments met and set new challenges to reach by 2016!

My Own Goals and Successes

As I reflected on my own personal shortcomings and accomplishments, I applied all of the above to myself. Did I fall short on reaching a couple of goals? Yes. I didn’t reach my weight loss goal by 25 pounds, so I started this year off stronger than last year by redefining my healthy eating habits. For example, cutting out sweets completely, minimizing my carb intake, and adding more leafy greens. Keep in mind that this is what works for me personally.

I’ve also stepped up my workouts by 15 minutes, from three days a week to minimum four days, and I’ve implemented interval training. So far I’ve lost 8 pounds in a week so that’s pretty motivating. My point is that even though I didn’t reach my goal last year I didn’t let it defeat me or hold me back, instead I used it to move forward, try harder and make needed adjustments.

Accomplishments of 2014

Looking back over my year’s accomplishments, I felt pretty good about some of the fitness goals I did make. I lost 40 pounds, I placed 3rd overall and 1st in my division in a 5k walk, and I conquered two mountain hikes that in the past I never would have been able to climb!

New Year’s Hike

These pictures are of the 2nd mountain hike I did on December 31st. Hiking is now one of my favorite outdoor activities. In the New Year I plan to implement it more. The hike was about 2 miles long and had a steep incline. In the past I wouldn’t have been able to even go a quarter of the way up because I weighed 250 pounds and had a knee injury, but now at 165 pounds it was pretty easy!

New Year's Hike

New Year's Hike

What are your goals for 2015?

What goals did you not quite reach last year and more importantly, what do you plan to conquer in the year to come? Some of mine are to lose my last 25 pounds, run my next 5k versus walking it, and to participate in a 10k! Remember to make your goals realistic, don’t be afraid of failure and if you do mess up, start back on point the next day!

Keep the shiny side up, the rubber side down and make healthy choices!

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Three years ago my husband and I packed our belongings into a storage unit in Las Vegas, NV and traded our normal, predictable life for a life of unpredictability and long hours as over the road truck drivers. We have been working and living in our big truck 24/7, on the open road, ever since. After working in this industry for some time now, I realized health and fitness awareness were being placed on the back burner. I experienced this first hand in my own life within a few months of living on the road when my poor eating choices, lack of exercise, loss of sleep and sheer exhaustion began to affect my health. It was then that I decided to make some positive changes and now I’m excited to share my experiences, tips and passion for health and fitness with other truckers on a quest to live healthy lives out on the road.