Travel Centers of America Donates $278,207 to St. Christopher Fund

St Christopher fundOn Monday, October 1, TravelCenters of America announced its largest donation to date – $278,207 to the St. Christopher Fund, a non-profit that benefits truck drivers suffering from financial hardship due to medical problems.

Beginning on August 15, nationwide TA and Petro locations participated in the third annual “Band Together for SCF” campaign where they asked customers and employees to donate $1 to help their fellow industry drivers. Each person that donated to the fund was given a wristband. All 255,000 supplied wristbands sold out.

SCF was started because an astounding 70% of the 3.2 million professional truck drivers in the country have one or more health problems like obesity, diabetes, sleep disorders, and heart disease. Many of these drivers are unable to get the medical treatment they need. This is due to 2 reasons: 1) not being able to get there physically (they can’t navigate large trucks down small, back roads to get to treatment facilities) and 2) not having health insurance, so even if it’s caught early, the disease progresses.

To help these struggling drivers, SCF issues direct payments for medical services or prescription drugs, provides financial assistance to drivers who are recovering physically and financially from an illness, and negotiates price reductions with medical providers and hospitals. 

The organization was founded by Dave Nemo (host of the Dave Nemo Show on Sirius XM) and Dr. John McElligot. As of August 2012, the St. Christopher Fund has provided assistance to 589 drivers across the country.

This non-profit is a great program for truck drivers to get involved in. It’s amazing to see so many drivers rally together to provide support for their industry co-workers. The $278,207 check will be presented to SCF Executive Director Donna Kennedy on Dave Nemo’s radio show on Wednesday, October 3 at 10:30 am.

If you’d like to donate to the St. Christopher Fund, please visit their website here.

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