St. Christopher Fund for Truckers Hits $550,000 Milestone

St. Christopher Fund logoThe St. Christopher Fund has good news to share from 2013!  First of all, in 2013, the SCF was able to assist 211 drivers and their families with over $197,000.  This brings our total number of beneficiaries to 928, with a total assistance amount of over $552,000.  These numbers do not even reflect the number of drivers that have reapplied for assistance (102 in 2013), drivers we’ve helped with getting other resources, those who were offered assistance but then declined, or medical bill amounts we’ve been able to get reduced.  We feel blessed to be in a position to help so many. 

The majority of our applicants are afflicted with cardiovascular disease, injuries, pulmonary issues, and cancer.  “It’s been one of the best years but the saddest year: the drivers are younger, sicker, more incapacitated, and many are unable to ever drive again. I’m hoping for a better and healthier 2014.” said Dr. John McElligott, Medical Review Officer for the SCF.  Operations Manager Julie Dillon says, “It’s very eye-opening to see so many people out there hurting and in need of help.  They are real people to me, just not names on an application, and I’m happy to be here to offer them assistance.”

We also want to thank everyone for their donations which allow us to receive notes such as these:

“Tragedies in life can happen so unexpectedly and catch us off guard. It is nice to know that there are organizations set up to help in times of need. Thank you so much and we hope we will be able to pay forward in the future. God bless you.”


I just want to say ‘Thank you’ for your help when I was going through my liver transplant.  I plan to enjoy life again and this is because of your wonderful organization that helped me keep a roof over my head during my crisis.

We are looking forward to 2014 and have high hopes for helping more drivers, putting in place some health education events, and continuing to gain support from the trucking community.  Thank you to all who have helped us fulfill our motto, “Saving Lives and Families, One Driver at a Time.”

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About Donna Kennedy

I have been Executive Director of the St. Christopher Fund since inception. My position has provided a great opportunity to learn about the trucking industry, business in general, and the great need truckers have for medical care. I am excited about the future of the Fund and the many possibilities we have to help drivers. My wonderful husband and I are delighted each day at our son and daughter, who have brought indescribable joy to our lives. My hobbies include: photography, playing games, reading and spending time with family. I also love to teach and have taught several courses at UT, UT Chattanooga, and South College. My educational background includes a BA in Psychology from UT, a M.S. in Research Psychology from UTC and a Ph.D. in Health Research Psychology from UT.