By The Numbers: How the St. Christopher Fund Helps Truckers

You may have seen some posts around here a time or two before on the St Christopher Fund. The Fund, run by Donna Kennedy (check out Donna’s blog here), is a charity that helps drivers who are experiencing medical problems with finances. As you might know, about 70% of truckers have some sort of health problem, be it obesity, diabetes, or heart disease.

Many of these truckers with existing conditions also lack health insurance or access to the healthcare they need, for a couple reasons — they’re away from home all the time, couldn’t navigate to a doctor’s office or hospital even if they tried, and many don’t even have health insurance to get medical treatment in the first place.

Fortunately, with the help of the Fund and its sponsors, truckers can get some assistance with bills, whether they be medical, electric, or utility-based in nature.

The St. Christopher Fund recently released the numbers on how much money they’ve raised and how many truckers they’ve helped to date. Since its inception, the fund has helped 817 drivers with $443,740 in bills.

The two charts below detail beneficiary medical diagnosis and beneficiary assistance, respectively:

Trucker Medical Diagnoses

St Christopher Fund for Truckers - Trucker Health ProblemsBeneficiary Assistance

St Christopher Fund for Truckers - Bills ChartA big thanks to the St Christopher Fund for helping so many truckers around the country with medical and mortage bills in their time of need! This is truly a great charity for the industry. If you’d like to donate, visit

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I have been Executive Director of the St. Christopher Fund since inception. My position has provided a great opportunity to learn about the trucking industry, business in general, and the great need truckers have for medical care. I am excited about the future of the Fund and the many possibilities we have to help drivers. My wonderful husband and I are delighted each day at our son and daughter, who have brought indescribable joy to our lives. My hobbies include: photography, playing games, reading and spending time with family. I also love to teach and have taught several courses at UT, UT Chattanooga, and South College. My educational background includes a BA in Psychology from UT, a M.S. in Research Psychology from UTC and a Ph.D. in Health Research Psychology from UT.