St. Christopher Fund Pet Photo Contest

St. Christopher Fund photo contest

One of our entries in the contest.

Did you know that drivers who travel with pets are healthier than drivers without pets? 

Pets offer companionship and affection and provide opportunities for social interaction, all of which are important when you’re alone for most of the day.  And for dog-owners, traveling with your pet leads to more exercise, a decreased chance of having high blood pressure, and increased security. 

To highlight these benefits, the St. Christopher Fund is holding a Pet Photo Contest on the St. Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund Facebook page.  To enter, drivers can post their pets’ picture or email them to  The Facebook page has a Pet Photo Contest album; the picture with the most likes at the end of the month, will be declared the winner and the picture will be added to the SCF website. 

If you have a pet, please send in a picture!  If not, please vote for your favorite pet by liking the picture(s) on Facebook!  The winner will be announced May 8th on the Tim Ridley Show (Sirius XM Channel 106, Road Dog Radio) at 6:15 a.m. EST.

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I have been Executive Director of the St. Christopher Fund since inception. My position has provided a great opportunity to learn about the trucking industry, business in general, and the great need truckers have for medical care. I am excited about the future of the Fund and the many possibilities we have to help drivers. My wonderful husband and I are delighted each day at our son and daughter, who have brought indescribable joy to our lives. My hobbies include: photography, playing games, reading and spending time with family. I also love to teach and have taught several courses at UT, UT Chattanooga, and South College. My educational background includes a BA in Psychology from UT, a M.S. in Research Psychology from UTC and a Ph.D. in Health Research Psychology from UT.