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When you’re on the road and cooking in the truck, you’re probably using some of our Healthy Trucker tips. You’re eating lean meats, salads, or pre-made dinners you’ve frozen and kept in your mini refrigerator. But how do you keep your meals interesting? Sure, not every dinner has to be exciting, but there are only so many times in a row when you can eat the same plain chicken. If you have a choice between the same old thing after three days or some variety in the truck stop, you might get tempted to hop out of the truck and see what’s on the buffet.

What’s a trucker to do? Invest in some spices! They take up virtually no space at all in your truck, but just a few spices introduced to your own healthy trucker kitchen can bring some fresh flavors to your homemade dishes without adding any calories or fat. Spices are basically freebies — except for salt. Keep it on the light side.

What Spices?

What kinds of spices should you have in your truck? It all depends on your taste! You probably have some favorite flavors or types of food, so grab a few to take with you. Or, with some planning ahead, you can rotate the spices you bring with you to complement your meals. You could stick with a classic assortment: lemon pepper, garlic powder, cayenne, and onion powder. Or maybe introduce some flavors from your favorite restaurant dishes: oregano, cumin, curry powder, and even a special steak blend. There are lots of spice blends that work well on a variety of dishes from chicken to beef and even as a topping on salad and potatoes.

Spicy Storage

But where will you store these? You could pour what you think you’ll need into zip lock bags and store them with your utensils if you like. You can purchase your preferred spices in bulk online and keep them at home, then portion out a few tablespoons every time you go out on the road. This cost-effective method  is also very easy because you’ll rarely run out of anything. Or, you could make your own truck driver spice rack! You can get creative with using your space efficiently with any number of tools.

Stainless steel spice rack

One suggestion we have for your healthy trucker kitchen: spice clips. These clips can adhere to a flat surface and snap to almost any spice bottle you might have. That way, you can keep your spices all together and don’t have to worry about them rolling around your truck! You can keep your own spice rack somewhere in your cab or even on the side of your microwave or mini refrigerator. If you prefer a more traditional and all-encompassing spice rack, you can find a solid spice rack that can be affixed to a surface in your truck, such as a stainless steel rack with fillable jars. That way, you can truly be a healthy trucker culinary master when you’re on the road!

Whether you portion spices in bags or you invest in a heavy duty spice rack, it’s important to stay healthy when you’re eating on the road and cooking in the truck. So give yourself some variety by switching up the tastes of your dishes! You’ll be surprised how a simple dish can become something brand new without any extra calories or fat!

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