Can Smartphone Apps Make You A Healthier Trucker?

iPhone-Apps-TruckersIn the 4th episode of the Mile Markers Show, Mike and Derek discuss how technology can help improve truck driver health.  Whether it's your phone, a wrist band, or something else - new technology in the health and fitness space is changing the way we live our lives.  Could something such as smartphone apps be the answer to the poor health of truck drivers industry wide?

In this episode, Mike and Derek talk about how they've personally used technology such as the Nike Fuelband and Nike+ Sportwatch to improve their overall health.  You'll also get some recommendations on the top iPhone and Android apps for truck drivers who want to improve their workout routines or change their eating habits.

After listening to this episode, you'll have a better understand of just how important technology can and will be to the healthcare industry.  You will also learn about some must-have apps for your smartphone...and everyone loves a good app, right?

Also, be sure to check out all of the reviews we've written about products that can help improve the lives of truck drivers here.  

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