Christmas Countdown Day 5: Sleeping Bag for Truckers

Sleeping Bag for truckersMany truckers prefer sleeping bags when it comes to getting a cozy for bed. This Coleman sleeping bag for truckers is an affordable favorite.

Having comfortable bedding on the road is necessary for a pleasant OTR driving experience. Some drivers prefer to use sleeping bags on the road, instead of fitted sheets and comforters. There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. Sizing: Truck sleepers aren’t exactly a common size. Often times, the mattresses in trucks are always different sizes. As you can imagine, this can make shopping for bedding a little frustrating when you can’t find sheets that will fit. A sleeping bag, however, just rolls out on top of the mattress and voila! All ready.
  2. Warmth: There’s no denying that sleeping bags are generally a little toastier than your average bedding set — especially if you have a sleeping bag especially designed for cold-weather camping.

It’s obviously a personal preference, but for the trucker who might not necessarily care about having “attractive” bedding, we suggest this Coleman Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag. It’s designed for 30-50 degree weather, so it should provide your trucker with lots of warmth even on chilly nights.

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