LEAKED: Santa’s BIG List of Gifts for Truck Drivers!

Santa Clause

Image credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell

Still looking for some gift ideas this holiday season?

Santa feels that America’s truck drivers have been extra nice this year and would like to recognize all of their hard work by sharing this complete list of trucker toys just in time for the holidays! Santa’s got you covered — from inexpensive stocking stuffers to high-end luxury items, you’re sure to find what you want in one of these nine lists!

Ho-ho-hop on over to the gift idea pages in the categories below, and be sure to let us know on Facebook or Twitter if you have any suggestions that Santa didn’t think of!

  1. The Top 10 Trucker Gifts for 2013 – A combination of our most suggested and highest recommended products for truckers this year.
  2. 10 Best Job Related Trucker Gifts – Ideas for holiday gifts that will make your trucker’s job a little easier.
  3. The Best Gadgets and Electronics for Truck Drivers – Electronic gift ideas that both make your trucker’s job/life a bit easier as well as provide for some entertainment on the road.
  4. 10 Quality Work Clothes for Truckers – The best clothing items for truckers to ensure they’re warm, safe, and looking professional on the road.
  5. 10 Health and Fitness Gifts for Truck Drivers – Items that will help truckers live a healthier life on the road, whether that be by healthy eating or working out (or both!).
  6. The 10 Best Gifts for New Truck Drivers – Gift ideas that will help the new truck driver with a smooth transition into the industry.
  7. 10 High End, Luxury Gifts for Truck Drivers – High-end gift ideas for the truckers who have been extra nice this year.
  8. The Best Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Truck Drivers – Smaller, inexpensive gift items that would be great to put in your trucker’s Christmas stocking this year.
  9. 10 Entertainment Gifts for Truckers – Gadgets that will keep your trucker entertained on the road during down time.

Bonus: The Top 12 Gift Items for Truckers

More of a visual person? Have some fun exploring this graphic of the Top 12 Best Gifts for Truckers in 2013 by clicking on the stockings, presents, and ornaments below!

Best Christmas Gifts for Truck Drivers