Sandbag Training for Truck Drivers – Ultimate Sandbag Training Review

With an on-the-go lifestyle, truck drivers need a workout routine that’s easy to take with them on the road.  This means minimal equipment that’s able to be transported easily.  But minimal equipment doesn’t mean your workout has to suffer!

Get The Best Core Workout with The Ultimate Sandbag!(Images provided by

Sandbag training exercises have a lot of benefits and with the Ultimate Sandbag training system, truck drivers can get in a full body workout on their own schedule.  We’ve had several drivers asking us to make recommendations on sandbag training exercises and sandbag training equipment so we’re sharing our thoughts here. 

Ultimate Sandbag Training offers sandbags at several different price points for people of all experience levels.  The company provides quality sandbags that can easily fit in the cab of a truck, making it an ideal choice for an on-the-go lifestyle.  You can order the Ultimate Sandbag Training System here or by clicking the banner on this page.

In the video below, fitness expert Robert Jay Martin gives a quick review of the Ultimate Sandbag training core package while demonstrating some exercises for truck drivers that are ideal for working out in confined spaces or just outside of the truck.

 4 More Sandbag Training Exercises You Should Try

Try these four additional truck driver exercises for a full-body workout you can do in the sleeper of your truck! Click the titles for demonstrations of each exercise.

  1. Ultimate sandbag high pull

    Bent Over Row & High Pull – The bent over row & high pull works out your shoulders, arms, and back, which can get pretty tense after a day of driving! To do this exercise, stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Grab the handles of the bag in front of you, perform a bent over row, come back down, and do a high pull.

  2. Rotational LungeRotational lunges work out your legs and obliques. Hold the bag in front of you. Lunge backwards on the ball of the right foot and holding the sandbag, twist to the left.
  3. Around the World This is one of the best truck driver exercises as it works the core and abdominals in a natural movement. Grab the handles, rotate the bag around the back of your head, and continue to unwind to the other side.
  4. Ultimate Sandbag DeadliftSingle Leg Deadlift Deadlifts work your legs and abs. Clean the sandbag to your chest with your shoulder muscles and hold. Lift one leg off the ground and shoot it straight back behind you. Bend your front knee and hinge at the hips so your back leg is parallel to the ground and your back flat. Hinge back up and bring leg back in front of you. Your knee should be bent and thigh should be parallel to the floor.

Put the Ultimate Sandbag to use and get more exercise tips here!