How to: Perform a Sandbag Workout in Your Cab

Black sandbagAs you may have noticed by now, we like to feature more…unique workout methods on the Healthy Trucker blog since traditional weight lifting routines aren’t really possible to do in the cab of a truck. We’ve discussed dumbbells, kettlebells, and others in the past, but today’s post is about something a little different — a sandbag workout.

What’s a sandbag workout, you ask? Well… it’s basically exactly what it sounds like. It’s a big ol’ sack of sand that you throw around to build up strength. Because of the irregular shape and weight distribution of a sandbag, you’ll use muscles you don’t normally use and beef up muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Sandbags can be stored virtually anywhere which makes them perfect for on-the-go truck drivers. The duffel bags are durable and will not tear, scratch, crack, or rot. This training is more comfortable and versatile than a couple of dumbbells, and many different exercise drills can be done standing in the same position.

Check out my demonstration below of a great sandbag workout that you can do in the cab of your truck and check out a full review of the Ultimate Sandbag Training.

Deep Squats

Hold the sandbag against your chest with the handles facing away from you. Give it a great big hug and squat down as far to the floor as you can, placing your weight on your heels.

Squat, Clean, Press

Grab the handles on the ends of the bag and hold in front of you. Deep squat, touch the floor with the sandbag, come back up, clean it (shrug with your shoulders to pull the bag up the front of your body to the top of your shoulders), then press it up above your head.

Lunges & Shoulders

Hold the bag on your right shoulder and lunge forward with your left leg. Come back to a standing position, switch the bag to your left shoulder, and lunge with your right leg. Continue for your preferred number of repetitions.


Grab the top handles of the sandbag. Raise the bag over your head and reach out to one side to stretch the oblique muscles. Switch sides and repeat.

Have you worked out with sandbags before? Let us know what you thought about them below and be sure to check out our full review here!