Christmas Countdown Day 16: Resistance Bands for Trucker Workouts

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Day 16: Resistance Bands

Resistance bands for truck driversYou may not have room for a full set of dumbbells on the road, but a nice set of resistance bands provide an opportunity for some strength training on the road.

For the trucker who has decided to get in shape (perhaps as a New Year’s Resolution?) a good set of resistance bands makes for a great piece of starter workout equipment.

Resistance bands are great for truckers because they’re so compact. You can get a solid workout in with them, but they take up minimal space on a truck, and we all know space is at a premium on a big rig! These little guys can even provide a full body workout in the cab of your truck!

This full set of resistance bands from Black Mountain comes with 5 different bands, all at different weights of resistance. It also includes a carrying bag, ankle strap, starter guide, and clipping system all for right around $30.

Got a fitness buff in your family? Or maybe just a trucker who is looking for an easy way to do some strength training on the road? Here’s your answer. Swing on over and pick up a set right here.

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