(Video) 2 Resistance Band Exercises For Truckers To Build A Better Back

It’s time for #WorkoutWednesday and we’re back with some new resistance band exercises for truckers to strengthen the back.  Nearly everyone has experienced or knows someone who has experienced back pain…more than likely lower back pain.  As you can imagine, back exercises for truck drivers are especially important to prevent and minimize the back pain that can come with sitting most of the day. 

Using only a resistance band, there are actually quite a few back exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere.  Best of all, the 2 resistance band exercises featured today can both be done from the same position.  Perfect for a 10 minute quick workout.  Watch the video to see what we mean…

WATCH: 2 Simple Resistance Band Exercises for Truckers

What Exercise Equipment Is Needed?
All that’s needed to start doing these back exercises right away is a resistance band.  You can get a complete resistance band set from Amazon here for just $30 bucks.  This includes bands with different attachments and resistance levels – basically everything you need for these exercises and much more!  For any truck driver, this is a great investment in health that’s multifunctional and easy to transport.

Resistance Band Exercises for Truckers

#HTWorkout Quick Tip
When doing these resistance band back exercises, remember not to hunch over.  Instead, focus on maintaining good posture and keeping the back nice and straight.  This will allow for full range of motion while putting less strain on the shoulder areas.

Resistance Band Back Exercises for Truckers

How To Do Resistance Band Back Rows

  1. Sit on the ground or yoga mat with legs straight out in front of you – hook the resistance band around feet so there is an equal length of band on each side.
  2. Sit up straight and lean forward with arms straight while not allowing the resistance band to pull you forward.
  3. Lean back keeping arms straight.
  4. Hold torso steady and row arms so that your biceps are engaged, pulling the resistance band until your hands are level with your chest.

Repeat this movement for 10-12 reps for each set using high pulls and low pulls to work different parts of the back/shoulders.  Different bands can be used to increase/decrease the level of resistance for these exercises.

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