Quick Picks for Food & Gifts Cards Truckers Love

There are less than 5 shopping days left until Christmas!  You know what that means, don’t ya?  When it comes to finding the perfect holiday gifts this this year, it’s officially crunch time.  I know that might induce panic in some of you, but It’s OK, it’s OK.  Just relax.  We’ve got you covered.  Here are 5 quick picks that include gift cards and other items that fit nicely into a quickly disappearing holiday budget.  These are all food related and everyone has to eat, so you can’t go wrong here!

5 Quick Pick Trucker Gifts

Slow Cooker for Truck DriversRoadPro Slow Cooker
What trucker doesn’t want to enjoy a nice, warm home cooked meal on the road?  With this RoadPro slow cooker, your trucker will be eating good in 2014!

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Cracker Barrel Gift CardCracker Barrel
There’s nothing better than sitting down to a nice meal at the next Cracker Barrel.  Whether it’s breakfast or dinner, this gift card is the ideal gift.

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Best Cooler for Truck DriversKooltron Travel Cooler
This handy little travel cooler is perfect for storing drinks, lunch meat and other items that need to be chilled.  Talk about a great way to help the trucker in your life save some money when it comes to the food dept!

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IHOP Gift Card

IHOP Gift Card
Most are open 24/7 for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Now that’s perfect for the trucking lifestyle!  Let your trucker swing in to enjoy some pancakes on courtesy of you.   

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Portable Stove for truckersPortable Lunchbox Style Stove
This is great for those small meals or snacks that just need heated up real quick.  Toss a sandwich or pre-cooked meal in this 12-V stove to add a little warmth on a cold day. 

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Want More Gift Ideas?

If you’re struggling to find those last minute gifts, here are items on Amazon with FREE One Day Shipping! 

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