Workout Routine for Truckers – Turn a Push Up Into A Row

Today is #WorkoutWednesday and I’ve got just the exercise to add to any on-the-go workout routine.  By using some inexpensive dumbbells, a simple pushup can be turned into a row – all from the one position.  Watch the video below to see how it’s done…

What Exercise Equipment Is Needed?
The main thing needed to do push up rows is a set of dumbbells.  Don’t have any dumbbells?  No need to worry, you can pick them up here for right around $15-$20.  Dumbbells are perfect for traveling because they take up very little space in the truck.  In the video you’ll see I’m using the vinyl dumbbells. These are my favorite because of the soft feel and durability.

Dumbbells for Truck Drivers

The only other piece of equipment that might be needed for this particular exercise is a yoga mat.  While it’s not a necessity, sometimes a truck driver just doesn’t want to have his or her face and hands all over the dirty ground at places the truck is parked!  A nice yoga mat is well worth the investment as it can be used to add comfort to other exercises in a truck driver’s workout routine as well.  Pick one up right here for around $20

Yoga mats

#HTWorkout Quick Tip
When doing push up rows, balance is going to be key…especially during the row movement of this exercise  There are two options for maintaining a nice, stable base.

1. Start in the push up position with legs wider than shoulder width apart and maintain this frame throughout.

2. Complete the push up portion of the exercise with a normal setup (feet shoulder width apart) and swing out your leg to create a wider base for the row movement AFTER each pushup (my preferred method as shown in the video)

Regardless of which option works best for you, just remember it’s normal to be a little shaky at first during this exercise.  With that in mind, let’s learn more about how it’s done.

Push Up Row Exercise

How To Do Push Up Rows with Dumbbells

1. Start in a push up position with each hand on a dumbbell (dumbbells lying vertically parallel to one another).

2. Lower to the ground and raise back up to perform a regular push up all while keeping hands on the dumbbells.

3. Once back at the starting push up position, swing out a leg (alternating between right and left) to create a wider base on the side where the row movement will be performed.

4. Raise one dumbbell while stabilizing body with the other arm, then return it to the ground before repeating another push up.

Repeat for 4 sets of 10-12 reps each, cycling back through the steps to complete both a push up and row each time. Remember, while these exercises are being done from the same position, they are two separate movements and should be treated as such.  Avoid using any momentum created from transitioning between exercises and instead fully complete each one before starting the other.  This will allow for better form and isolation of appropriate muscles.

It’s Time To Give Push Up Rows A Try!
Everyone has done a push up (hopefully more than one!) at some point in their life.  Combining a push ups with rows allows truck drivers to get in a workout that will not only target the chest and arms, but also back and shoulder areas.  It’s also a must to engage the core area when performing this exercise, so don’t be surprised if you feel this one all over the next day.  Don’t worry though, that’s a good thing! 

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