Christmas Countdown Day 12 – AC/DC Power Inverter for Truckers

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Day 12: Power Inverter

AC/DC Power Inverter for TruckersNothing is worse than having the wrong connection or plug for your electronics. Plug it in and stay safe with this power inverter from Power Bright.

When a trucker spends weeks, even months, out on the road, the smallest creature comforts from home can make living out of the truck a whole lot more pleasant. But to do this, truckers need power inverters — unless they want to run everything on 12 volt power.

An inverter, however, allows drivers to use regular appliances like TVs, coolers, and gaming systems out on the road. As you can imagine, having items like this can help them to pass the time and remain comfortable in a small box on wheels.

The size of power inverter needed is entirely dependent on how many appliances your trucker wants to run in the cab. This Power Bright inverter is large enough to power several appliances in a truck without breaking the bank.

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*Disclaimer: Check with the company prior to purchasing an inverter. Many carriers have policies about putting inverters in trucks or what inverters can be used.

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